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Dinamismo. Flexibilidad. Crecimiento consciente y Valores. Esta es la receta clave para el éxito.

For our parents' generation (for some grandparents) the model of well-being at work was to join a good company and spend the rest of their lives there. grow in there. Evolve. Position scales. That's how my dad lived it, and that's how he wanted it to be for me. But it turned out that I was already from another generation.

I think I belong to X, although I don't put labels on myself, since I'm Transversal, I keep saying that I'm 33... in short, the movie is that the circumstances of the market, the rejection of previous work sedentarism and the desire for experimentation led me to the desire for a more varied working life, the need to learn and generate new dynamics that would make me discover myself, and like me, many of my same generation. Motivated to be here and there. Change. Try... live.

All of these, we are the ones who are now happy to make our ideas and dreams come true, turning them into Start Ups that promise and that occupy us 90% of our daytime hours, but yes, with enthusiasm and desire, because we consider that more than a job it is our way of life. Immersed in our Start Ups, we juggle while the generation that follows us, the Z, build their own collective imagination.

the Z, return to the safety of our parents or grandparents, they want to stay in their companies, but yes, it seems that humans learn for generations: their MUST: I stay as long as certain very important requirements are met.

Boredom kills! creativity and constant challenge is the spark of life!

According to a survey carried out by the company iCIMS Insights, creativity and proactivity are the levers that motivate the "Z's". They want to work in a company where the work motivates them, is innovative and, above all, they do not do mechanical work, they like daily challenges, and receive direct and immediate feedback. And they lose interest in low motivational environments, in repetitive, passive and low communication jobs where every day seems practically the same. The "Z" generation can't stand boredom.

Traveling and working.

In the same survey, the data also shows that telecommuting is a must: 69% of recent graduates look for companies that offer them the possibility of working remotely".

Taking into account that the "Z's" generation has entered the labor market with the post-covid teleworking boom underway. Teleworking is considered normal.

And after the lockdown, we all want to have more control of our space and our time. A more balanced mix between office life and personal life. because we have learned that working on projects is viable, and even beneficial, both for the company and for the worker.

Comfort, flexibility and confidence are the 3 words that are valued when choosing where we want to invest our energy to continue building ourselves.

So our advice to be a "Nice to Work" company is: Do not seek success at the expense of others. Co-create it enjoying each step and each person who contributes to it!

Be a <Nice to Work> company and that all those who are part of it enjoy working in it, as if they lived on Vacation. Live in Holidays baby! ;)

Values ​​count.

It seems that now more than ever, values ​​count. And it is that perhaps moved by the "fear" of not being able to enjoy the planet as much as we have, the "Zetas" grow with a stronger and more faithful awareness of respect for our planet, prioritizing it before other needs.

Our generation was a victim of consumerism created in inertia by a market that made life easier for us with plastics and packaged prepared food so as not to have to worry about daily chores, while now well-being and slow life prevail. Consciously eat what makes us feel good. Dedicate time to each moment and paying full attention to the task we are performing.

When I eat, I eat, when I think, I think, when I write, I write, when I work, I work, when I'm with my people, I'm with my people. The zetas seem to take time management as standard and they are very clear that their well-being is in 1st position, so, in my opinion, we must learn from them, because if we learn to respect each other and treat each other with love, we will the same with our closest environment and will affect how we improve our relationship with the planet!


Be happy!

See U in the next words!

Always with Good ViBeS: Ireen de la Rous

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