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We have participated for 15 years in trade fair stands throughout Europe, mainly in Germany, Italy and France, for fashion retail firms


Panorama Berlin for Desigual

The natural non-alcoholic cocktail bar, its decoration and its staff was our work at this Berlin fair for the retail brand. 

Bread-Butter-Berlin-2013-Summer-Desigual-01 (1).jpg

Bread&Butter Berlin For Desigual

Here are some of the works we have done for Desigual, for 18 seasons, commissioned by other companies / agencies at the Bread&Butter fair in Berlin.


Stubhub stand at Sónar 

We returned to Sónar with a stand for the festival's official ticket office, StubHub.


A Stand designed by Kin Dots in which we have coordinated its production and assembly, designed and applied an ad-hoc app for the contests, assembled a large LED screen and managed its contents.

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